Business terms & conditions

General Business Terms and Conditions 

Details of Service Provides:

Name of Hotel:  Zenit Hotel Balaton****superior
Company name:  HTZ Hotel Kft.
Headquarters: H-8314 Vonyarcvashegy, Helikon u. 22.
Postal address: H-8314 Vonyarcvashegy, Helikon u. 22.
Telephone: +36-83/900-101, +36-20/8010-568


Terms and conditions of booking and using hotel facilities

•    Zenit Hotel Balaton**** shall receive accommodation bookings by means of e-mail or via its online booking system.
•    In case of booking or asking for quotation the hotel shall send its reply within 24 hours, with the quotation or booking confirmation attached.
•    We are happy to provide information via telephone, besides, in case name, phone number and e-mail provided, we prepare a quotation including a detailed description of our services and prices.
•    In case of quotation request we are unable to offer an optional booking for the rooms concerned; therefore, the service provider can sell the rooms offered for Other guests; bookings are taken into consideration according to the time-order of their receipt. Taking the rate of occupancy into account, we set an option for the type of accommodation quoted only for a specific request!
•    For each booking sent via our online booking system, the system shall send an automatic confirmation, however, however, the booking is valid only by the written confirmation sent by the service provider, therefore, please, print out that confirmation and take it with you.
•    Any amendments and/or supplement requires written confirmation.
•    The hotel shall not take responsibility for fulfilling any oral requests for amendment or supplements communicated via telephone.
•    After receiving the confirmation of the booking, guests have to to provide their personal details like names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
•    Service provider is entitled to receive the accommodation fee due for the entire length of stay of the booking even in case the guest wishes to leave earlier than the date specified in the booking.
•    For the extension of the length of stay on the spot, the approval of the hotel is necessary, in which case the service provider can ask for payment for the services already provided.
•    Service provider is free to decide whether to ask for payment of the accommodation at arrival, during the guests’ stay, on the day of checking out.
•    In case of one-night stays, the payment for the accommodation services is always due on the day of arrival.
•    When guests submit their bookings, they confirm that they have read and accepted the terms and conditions of booking and cancellation!
•    Pets: the hotel does not allow pets.

Checking in and checking out

Accommodations can be occupied from 2 p.m. on the days of arrival, and they are available until 11 a.m. on the day of leave. The accommodation booked is considered booked until 6 p.m. of the day of arrival, after that time the hotel is entitled to sell the room, therefore, in case guests are expected to arrive after 6 p.m. please notify the reception of the belated arrival by phone or by means of –email. Taking occupancy into account, the hotel can provide the opportunity of early arrival or late departure for extra charge.

Zenit Hotel Balaton****superior price/quotations:

•    The daily room rates (Rack Rate), current offers, price lists and list of other services can be found at website.
•    Guests can get information concerning the list and prices of services before using them at the hotel reception or at the site of the facility concerned.
•    The prices of our package offers are for your information only, and their availability is limited according to the capacity of the hotel. Prices can vary according to occupancy. 
•    Prices displayed on the Website always include the statutory value added tax, however, they do not include local taxes. 
•    Service provider may have unique offers that cannot be combined with any other discounts, in case of such offers, Service Provider is obliged to indicate this provision under the offer concerned.

Cancellation policy

Cancelling bookings without deposit is free of charge

The guest has not guaranteed the reservation of the accommodation by paying a deposit, the service obligation of the service provider ceases to exist after 6 p.m. on the day of arrival, therefore in case in case guests are expected to arrive after 6 p.m. please notify the hotel of the belated arrival by phone or by means of e-mail. In case guests are unable to travel in the time of booking, please cancel the reservation by e-mail as soon as possible.

Booking guaranteed by deposit 

Periods requiring payment of deposit:
-    Main season: from 1 July to 30 August. 
-    National holidays: 15 March, Easter, 1 May. - Mayday, Whitsunday, 23 October, 1 November, – All Saints’ Day, Christmas time – from Christmas To New Year, New Year’s Eve 
-    Special days: a In case of some special events, such as Valentine Day, School Holidays, etc., service provider is entitled to require a deposit to guarantee bookings. Service provider is obliged to indicate the special days in the Room Rates menu under Rack rate prices. 

In case no other terms and conditions set by the Hotel, the payment of 30% deposit is needed within 8 days by means of pink postal order cheque or in cash in the aforementioned periods. The payment deadline of the deposit is freely determined by the Service provider, therefore, in some cases, it can be shortened. The bank account number, postal address, and payment deadline needed for the transfer are communicated by the service provider in the booking confirmation. In these periods bookings are considered final after the receipt of the amount of the deposit.

Means of receiving the amount of the deposit: cash, bank transfer, postal order by means of pink postal cheque. Service provider does not accept Traveller’s Voucher!

In case a guest cancels his or her booking 7 days before arrival, and communicates it in writing to the service provider, the guest concerned can use the amount paid as deposit until the end of the year concerned for bookings of same amount. 

In case cancellation is communicated within 3 days before arrival, the Service provider is entitled the keep the deposit paid.

According to the above, it is not possible to transfer back the deposit, or pay it back in cash.

Group booking guaranteed by deposit: 

For guaranteeing the bookings our hotel requires the payment of 30 % deposit 8 days within the day of booking. Booking can be cancelled 14 days before arrival without any penalties. For cancellation within 14 days we keep 50% of the deposit as late cancellation penalty, and for cancellation within 7 days we keep 100% of the deposit.
In case of groups or events Service provider shall issue the invoice for the number of people set in the booking confirmation, therefore even in case less people showing up, the original headcount is going to be taken into consideration.

Means of Payment

•    The amount due for the accommodation or services ordered can be settled in cash or bank card on the spot, by bank transfer, or other means of payment indicated on the website of the hotel (e.g.: OTP, MKB and K&H Széchenyi Relax card etc.).
•    In case of bank transfer, please make the payment due for the accommodation and services ordered to the bank account of the Hotel before arrival. 
•    In case buying a gift voucher, not only the amount due for the requested accommodation and services, but also local touristic tax should be settled in advance.

Termination of Service-providing Obligations:

Service provider is entitled to deny rendering the services in the following cases:
•    The Guest does not use the hotel facilities (restaurant, wellness section, etc.), and the room according to their normal purpose.
•    The Guest’s attitude to the hotel security policy, and its employees is objectionable, he or she behaves roughly , he or she is under the influence of alcohol, and shows abusive or other unacceptable conduct.
•    Failure of deposit payment until the date specified in the booking confirmation.

Guarantee for accommodation

If the Service Provider is unable to provide the services confirmed due to his own fault (e.g. overbooking, etc.) he is obliged to arrange accommodation for the guest.

In this case, Service provider is obliged to provide the following opportunities for the Guest:

•    An opportunity for phoning free of charge once on the day concerned.
•    Providing transfer free of charge to the alternative accommodation offered by the Service Provider.

In case Service provider fails meets his obligations, besides, the Guest has accepted the alternative accommodation offered to him or her, contracting party may not initiate a subsequent claim for compensating his or her damages.

Guests’ Liabilities and Obligations

•    Guests can make complaints regarding the services offered by the Service Provider during their stay. Service provider obliges itself to deal with the complaints communicated to him in writing during the stay of the guests concerned. The guest rights to complain ceases right after departing from the hotel.
•    Guests are obliged to pay the accommodation fee indicated in the booking confirmation, the services used during their stay, and the restaurant bill on the day of departure the latest..
•    Guests have to make sure that their children under 14 should be attended by adults during their stay in the Hotel of the service provider.
•    Guests may not take their own food into the hotel’s lobby, its public areas, restaurant, the conference halls, and the wellness section.

Service provider’s liability and obligations

•    Service provider shall provide all accommodation and other services included in the booking confirmation.
•    He shall investigate the guest complaints and make all necessary steps needed to treat the problem, and he records the in writing.
•    Service provider can designate areas where guest must not enter. Service provider cannot be held liable for any damages or injuries occurring in these areas.
•    Service provider has made its best in order to make sure that every information displayed on the website would reflect the real conditions. In spite of this, Service provider shall not take responsibility for the information provided in the website, and reserves the right to alter or eliminate the information presented. Service provider shall not be responsible for any inaccuracies or deficiencies occur in the website. 
•    Service provider shall not be responsible for any content created, stored or published by a third party, which is connected to the website of the Service provider, or which is referred to by the website.
•    The hotel has a closed but not guarded parking lot, therefore Service provider shall not take responsibility for any belongings left in the cars parking there. 
•    Safes have been installed in the hotel rooms. Service provider shall not take any responsibility for the valuables left in the safes! Besides, the hotel shall not be responsible for the valuables left unattended in the wellness facilities, in the restaurant, or in public areas. 


•    Every audio, video or textual content in the website of the service provider is copyrighted. 
•    No parts or the whole of the website content can be used without the written consent of the Service provider.
•    The whole content of the website is owned by the service provider or have been made available for him.

Best price guarantee
Prompt confirmation
Daily refill of mineral water in the minibar for free of charge
Parking place for free of charge
1 x 1.000 HUF wellness coupon
1 x 50% discount on a non-alcoholic drink in the wellness bar

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Zenit Hotel Balaton****superior

8314 Vonyarcvashegy, Helikon u. 22.

Telephone number: +36 83 900 101 vagy + 36 20 801 05 68


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