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Thai Refreshing Foot Massage

Thai foot massage differs from traditional foot massage in many ways. Going upwards from the sole through the calf, they reach the knee by pressing the acupressure points. Foot massage stimulates the activity of the inner organs. It improves condition and endurance.

Price: 7 000 HUF / 20 minutes

Thai Oil Massage

Using soothing, pleasant-smelling oils during the massage, the masseur, who uses their knees and elbows in addition to their palms, rubs all parts of the body, so the oils provide an even more complete relaxation experience.

Price: 11 900 HUF / 60 minutes or 17 500 HUF / 90 minutes

Traditional Thai Massage

The massage is done in lying or sitting positions wearing light, comfortable clothes. The procedure, which has a special choreography, is applied to the whole body, during the massage the masseur goes through every part of the body using their knees, elbows and soles in addition to their palms. The extraordinary effectiveness of the massage is intensified by ’pulling’ or snapping different parts of the body.

Price: 12 900 HUF / 60 minutes

Massage for Couples

Experience the massage for couples on the island of tranquility, where two Thai masseurs massage at the same time and same place in complete harmony. When East and West meet, when novelty is born that refreshes both body and soul.

Price: 23 800 HUF / 60 minutes

Four-hand Massage

You can have a special experience during the four-hand massage. It is not double joy, it is much better. The massage of simultaneous touches multiplies the desired effect. During relaxation, the tensions that have accumulated within us dissolve. An excellent relaxing, soothing massage, which has a refreshing effect on the soul, mind and body.

Price: 23 800 HUF / 60 minutes

Aroma Oil Massage

Oily massage stimulates blood circulation, the essential oils are also absorbed through the skin, inhaled through the nose and have their effect on the body. It helps detoxification, makes the skin supple and silky. It refreshes the tired soul.

Price: 11 900 HUF / 60 minutes

Refreshing Touch - Décolletage Massage

The aim of the massage is to maintain tissue elasticity and tightness, to prevent and slow down the signs of aging, to renew the body, to reduce fatigue. The massage ranges as far as the face, neck, shoulders, arms and décolletage area.

Price: 8 000 HUF / 20 minutes

Terms of registration and cancellation: 

Registration: by the wellness reception personally or at the extension 1000 from the room. We ask our guests to appear at the wellness reception 5 minutes before the beginning of the treatment. In case you are late, the treatment time will be shorter with the rate of this, or will be cancelled.

In case of cancellation within 24 hours or in case of no-show 100% of the price will be charged to your room bill. Thank you for your understanding.

The prices are in Hungarian Forint (HUF) and include the VAT.

For further information please contact us:

Best price guarantee
Prompt confirmation
Daily refill of mineral water in the minibar for free of charge
Parking place for free of charge
1 x 1.000 HUF wellness coupon
1 x 50% discount on a non-alcoholic drink in the wellness bar

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This site uses cookies. Some of them are essential, while others help us improve your experience.

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